2019 resolution – Healthy Heart

I know it’s a bit late, but I wanted to make sure I really knew what I wanted to achieve and escape the January curse.

This year, I decided to continue with my self discovery. If you read my previous post, you will know I fell back to old habits. I decided to pick particular areas to focus on. These areas will help me move towards who i want to be whilst also figuring out who I am/was. I decided to name this year, the year of the ‘Healthy Heart’, after watching Steven Furtick talk about the idea of a ‘Healthy Heart’. The heart is linked to both our physical and mental state. If i focus on having a healthy heart, everything will align itself. So i have categorised the areas I want to focus on within the healthy heart for clarity.

1. Healthy heart – Body

This is extremely important to me. This is all about focusing on my health. The heart has a central function in your body, and it’s beats are often confirmation of life itself. So this year, I want to make sure my heart is healthy. This will mean eating right, exercising and sleeping well.

Sleep —- As you may know, i struggle with insomnia. I am choosing to work on it this year as sleep is vital for health. I want to practise good sleep habits and increase the hours of sleep I have each night.

Exercise ——Exercise has always been something I enjoy, now I just need to take it more seriously. This would help me improve my immune system and make me feel just healthier in general.

Eating right—-I am not a healthy eater. I am not a foodie at all. My favourite foods are not healthy. This year I will make an effort try add some healthy snacks here and there.

2. Healthy heart – Mind

Through my experience with anxiety, I have noticed the impact of my thoughts on my heartbeat and heart in general. The mind has the power to produce experiences and put emotions onto those experiences. Those emotions if allowed to carry on, end up being part of who we are. This year I want to be more aware of my thoughts and be able to control the way my mind operates. I want to feed the heart positive energy, try not to put your heart into emotional strain. I want to achieve this through practicing meditation, therapy and focus on what I consume

Meditate — I want to practice meditation a few times a week. I want to learn to listen to my mind and heart. Let it wonder, take note of thoughts and start feeding the mind with the future I want to experience.

Therapy –— I want to work on my anxiety in a healthy way. I have come a long way since I first got diagnosed a lot of people don’t even believe I have anxiety. I have been managing it well over the last year. However I have come to a point where I know the techniques I have been using aren’t sustainable for the long run.

Focus on what I consume—-The things I watch, listen to, read and consume have impact on the way I think. I need to be conscious of what I feed my mind.

3. Healthy heart – Love

This is more about making sure I treat the people I love with care. I naturally prefer to be alone and enjoy the quiet. I want to try this year to grow and maintain relationships. Top 3 things I want to focus on is my marriage, friendships and family.


I have also decided not to put pressure on myself to achieve these. I want them to be a way of life to me. I want it to be who I am. So I am using this as a guide to help me focus on what is important.

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