I went back to old habits

I was doing so well and then I went on holiday, and never got back to some the good habits I had developed.

Sometimes changing doesn’t happen in an instant. It will take longer than 21 days of doing the same thing for it to be ingrained. It has to become a habit. My mind needs to change. What I view as enjoyment needs to change, if I start enjoying the things I struggle to keep up, maybe it will become part of me.

I realised once I fail, I then quickly give up. Once I start to lose interest and are no longer enjoying it I quit. I hide in my comfort zone, what gives me emotional comfort. I can’t change a habit I run towards, when things get hard. What I have come to realise is that I love what it does for me, but I hate what it does to me. when I am doing it, I like it, but afterwards I go through withdrawal and feel empty afterwards.

These are a few of my hiding places, that I plan on working on

Anxiety – I tend to hide behind my anxiety, using it an excuse to quit things that I find hard. I use it to justify my bad habits.

Distraction – I tend to find something to distract myself from my focus. Things such as TV, social media and novels, help me keep my mind off what I should be focusing on. Whilst I am distracted, I don’t have time to feel bad about not doing what I am supposed to be doing.

Low expectation – I have low expectations, which helps when I don’t go through with things. It helps when things don’t go my way and when times get hard. But problem with hiding behind low expectations is you never whole heartedly commit to anything.

I have decided this year, I want to focus on having a Healthy Heart. I will post a separate blog post on what this Healthy Heart entails. It is more that physical, it is also mental.

What are some of your hiding places?

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