Does my career define me?

I recently came across this and as true as this might be. It did make me wonder. Does my career define me? Is what you do, more important than who you are?

I too in the past have done this in work situations to gauge who I needed to increase my respect levels and who could I be myself around. I then realised quickly that people are just people. You can be a CEO or a cleaner, we are all people that go through the same motions of life. Every time people start fretting because someone of importance is around, I am usually the one saying, ‘he/she is just a person’. I am impressed by their resume and work but I won’t treat them any different to the cleaner.

The thing is in life, you never know how important someone will be in your life regardless of their financial/career position. That cleaner might help you grow mentally more than that CEO would have helped your career development. I don’t want to lose my blessings because I am busy cherry picking who deserves what level of respect.

For me I always have to mentally work on not discriminating although sometimes i do fall back to old habits. I am however striving to treat everyone the same. In this world sadly, my career does define me. But ultimately, I don’t let it define me in my own mind and I won’t use it to define me. So if I won’t let it define me, why would I define someone else with it.

Do you think your career will define you?

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