Pressure to succeed

Success is nowadays is being defined by monetary value. The more money you have, the more successful you seem. We have forgotten how much more valuable happiness is. I too, get caught up in the rat race of success. I want to gain monetary success (wealth) but I lack the drive to get there and knowledge of my passion. I also dislike having to wake up early in the morning to work for someone else and the inability to be in charge of my own time. So now I am at a crossroads, I can’t work for people for the rest of my life, therefore I need to be self employed. Here is the problem, I am not sure what I enjoy enough to push myself to succeed in.

I had to have a good sit down with myself to establish what was important to me. After taking time out to really think about why I wanted to be wealthy, I realised I wanted to have the luxury of time. To be able to do what I want, when I wanted to. I could volunteer across the world without being financially affected. Travel the world without fear of what I would do when I come back. I could write my book without pressure for it to be successful. I could go for yoga sessions, piano lessons, start a book club, join a sports team etc. All these things are also perfectly achievable whilst working full time but that will mean I wouldn’t have any relaxing time left and it would be at a compromise.

Also, in future I want to have children and I want to be present in their lives. I also want them to be proud of me outside my role as their mother. Here the dilemma lays, how can you be both successful but not be busy.

All the motivational speakers I have listened to speak about the hard work and long hours needed to become wealthy. That unless you win the lottery, you won’t be wealthy with minimal effort.

The question then arises, what’s more important to me being wealthy or having free time? They say, find something you love and you won’t have to work a day in your life.

Now I ask myself, what do I love, that I am good at and can make money out of? What are your thoughts on pressure

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