Working Woman

I often joke that the person who started the women right to work movement, must have been a man. I just couldn’t understand why we would fight to go to work everyday. I never understood the need for it, until I visited a country were 95% of women don’t work.

To them, it is the way of life with some of them prefering to stay at home and look after the kids. What I did realise is that if you are a woman who wanted to work, then 99% of your colleagues would be male and it being a Muslim country; it would be an uncomfortable working environment. Everywhere you turned from hotels, shopkeepers to even some of the jobs you would naturally expect more women, it was all male. I am not sure if it is down to it being the tourist side, but you hardly saw any females around.

I wondered how I would feel if I couldn’t work. If I had to depend on my husbands income for everything. It’s one thing to choose to not to work because you find more fulfilment at home with family, but to hardly have a choice must be difficult especially if a lot of the men are underpaid. These are educated women that go through school but never end up utilising all that knowledge acquired.

I find myself now being a bit more appreciative of those who fought for the right to work and those that also fought to recognise women roles as mothers/wives. This is in no way an insult to their culture, but for me it just didn’t sit well.

I would love to have an open and honest conversation with the women of the different cultures to understand more about this way of life. It intrigues me. when you have kids, it’s understandable because they are more work than an regular job. But when you don’t have children, does that life still provide fulfilment?

If anyone knows a person that is in that situation, or if you are in that situation, please comment below. I would like to learn more.

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