5 Key Lessons from The Power of Positive Thinking

This book largely focuses on using your faith to create a positive mindset. It is more useful if you are religious or to those that are open to the idea of religion.

  1. Reduce your pace

Sometimes we don’t realise how busy our lives have become or the speed at which we are driving ourselves. Becoming physically busy is the new cool these days, to the point that we are destroying our physical bodies as well as disrupting our minds and souls. The book talks about how the character of our minds determine our pace and that it is possible to live a quiet life physically yet maintain high tempo emotionally. The rate at which we are going these days produces fatigue and a sense of frustration that we end up fuming and fretting about everything from our personal lives to the state of the world.

I am the type of person that wants to do everything and anything that I end up not completing anything. I live such a hectic life that I struggle with fatigue and have suffered from insomnia. Having read the chapter in the book called Stop Fuming and Fretting, I was forced to confront the pace in which I was going and my panicky behaviour. It hammered home the saying that ‘just because you are doing a lot doesn’t mean you are doing much’. I have taken steps to reduce the pace in which I live.  I walk a bit slower, therefore I am able to appreciate my surroundings. I stop myself from over thinking, therefore able to tackle one problem at a time. I constantly bring it into my awareness, every time I feel like I am fretting. I tell myself sternly ‘stop fretting-why are you rushing’. I feel a bit more relaxed about things now.

2. Power of repeating affirmations

This has been extremely helpful for my anxiety and improving mindset in the morning. This book talks a lot about using affirmation to speak positivity into your life. I have actually found that affirmations can actually change your train of thought. As you repeat it, you eventually focus on what you are saying. The author encourages you to say it 9 times to yourself. If you have ever heard of the 5 second rule, you know by the time you reach the 9th affirmation, your train of thought would have changed. From this book I have 4 affirmations that have now become part of my life. Mine are Christian based because I am one, but if you aren’t, you can always come up with your own.

  • I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me –When I need confidence boost
  • God is with me, God is guiding me, God is helping me – When I am indecisive
  • If God be for me, who can be against me – When I feel fearful
  • I expect the best, with God’s help I will attain it – When I need motivation

After saying these 9 times, I feel a change inside of me and I am suddenly able to stir my train of thought to more positive ones

3. How to pray properly

If you are a Christian, you probably know of the traditional way to pray in which you speak to God as if he is up there. This book speaks of prayer as basic conversation with God, as you would with a loved one. It talks about just treating God as if he is a friend that is always around you. I often felt guilty to ask God’s help on small issues, because I would think there are bigger problems in the world and I am taking away valuable time from those that really need it. This book helped me view it differently. Praying is me talking to God, building a relationship with him and taking time to listen to his responses. I now feel like I am talking to God and not at him.  I view prayers in a more positive and helpful light.

My favourite prayer technique from the book is (i) Prayerise (ii) Picturise  (iii)Actualise. This technique requires you to Prayerise –daily system of creative prayer. When problems or questions arise, just talk it over with God through simple prayer. This involves going about discussing with God in a natural normalised manner the decisions you are about to make. Picturise –this inloves picturing in your mind what you would like to happen. It uses basic psychology of believing what you have prayed about has already come to light .Actualise it – that you have prayerise and picturise will actualise. It is basic you are/become what you think. Once you have prayed about it, believed in it whole heartedly, you will naturally make it happen. You will have the confidence to know you can do it.

4. How belief in something greater than your self can help with rational thought

When you believe in something greater than yourself, you feel that you can share the burden of the world with the external. You don’t have to face the world on your own. We sometimes carry the burden of the world on our shoulders that we fail to realise that some things are bigger than us. Sometimes we have to throw away all rationality and go deeper into our soul and spirituality to find the answers. When we struggle to find the peace, confidence and happiness within ourselves, we can always rely on the external to help make sense of it all.

5. Believe in yourself

This is the first chapter in the book and it’s a great way to encourage a reader who is on their journey. Self confidence breeds success. One needs a humble but reasonable confidence in ones abilities to be successful and happy. Inferiority complex can manifest and hide itself in bad habits that you develop. An example given, is a person who tends to name drop at any given time, this is to help them feel important or establish their importance and receive admiration. It is very important to feed your mind with confident thoughts as it will induce strength within your mind. One of the best things I have been trying to practise after reading this book has been to stop building obstacles in my imagination. I now try not to inflate roadblocks but focus more on my ability to overcome them. Another key lesson was to not be awestruck by people to the point where I want to copy them. No one can be as effective on being me than me.

What do you think of the books message? Do you agree?


  1. I was really looking forward to reading your post and you already seem to have such a positive mindset that I’m sure you’ll get a lot from the book. The first point, ‘Reduce your pace’ really resonated with me and I find it really interesting that this book was written before we all got hooked on smartphones, so I agree this is so important. Thanks 🙂

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