The Power of Positive Thinking

I have to say, this book has possibly changed the way I view my life. Especially when I applied the techniques mentioned in this book into my life. It gives you practical guides on how to change your perception of any situation and what to do when you face a problem/issue. As a Christian, the book also helped strengthen my relationship with God. It covers various areas of how you can practically use God to help you change your perceptions and improve your positive nature.

As with any self-help books, the author also uses a lot of practice examples related to that topic to help convince the reader of what they are claiming. As a person that struggles with reading self-help books due to their repetitive manner, I felt the examples given where relevant and different to stop it from being the same story over and over.
The examples given were of a variety of people making it seem very realistic. He uses various people from different walks of life to share their stories. From successful people to just simple everyday people. He also goes through different kinds of problems that have been resolved using the books techniques.

Writing style

The author’s writing style is easy to follow and more conversational. You sometimes forget you are reading a factual book, as it seems more like a blog about different people’s stories than a book. It made it easier for me to get into, although half way through, I was wondering when will I reach the end.


As I said before, this has become my personal bible. Without adding a lot of spoilers to this review, I can honestly say I was convinced of his methods and actually started implementing some of the techniques in my personal life. It shows it is possible to live a positive lifestyle and the impact on your current life it can have. I think everyone has a book that they hold onto as their personal bible, this was it for me. Especially right now as I embark on a self discovery journey.


  1. I enjoyed your review and I like your writing style. Having read your review it has made me think about how I would like to craft a book review. I would be interested for example if your review gave a brief summary of the three techniques you mentioned in the first paragraph. However, it has definitely whetted my appetite to add the book to my own ‘To Read’ list.


    • Oops…..I just noticed that you don’t include spoilers in your book reviews, and I noticed how you write a separate blog on the key lessons you learned. I would love to read a blog on the key lessons you learned from the Power of Positive Thinking. However, I don’t really think that would be a spoiler, more an incentive to read the book. However, you’re the boss! Please, please please feel free to delete both my comments. It’s not going to stop me from showing up to ready your great blog 🙂


    • Hi Jerry,

      I will write up my key lessons this weekend definitely. The book is definitely worth a read. There are things I have starting doing from the book that have improved how I feel and look at things. I wanted to wait at least a month to see if the techniques actually worked and they seem to be doing it for me.

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