Having a rainy day?

Rainy days

Sometimes we get into the self-pity pot, we all do it. We think we having the worst time and we want everyone to validate our self-pity. The truth is rain does not fall on one roof alone. You are not the only person going through a troubled time. And just like rain, sometimes you will have thunderstorms, flooding, light rain or a rainbow.

You could be having a thunderstorm whilst those around you are experiencing light rain or rainbows and vise versa. So always remember, you are not alone. This too shall pass. The rain never lasts forever, it is there for a period of time and then it moves on, giving way to sunshine and dry season.

Embrace the troubled times and find the key lessons. It won’t be easy but after the rain has passed, you will be surprised that it never had the power to break you in first place.

So before you go out to the world, thinking why is it always me, remember rain does not fall on one roof.

How do you interpret the proverb? Comment below

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