How to deal with emotions

This talk focused helps identify how to deal emotions and get rid of them. It opened my eyes into what happens to me when I experience anxiety, and why I struggle to shake it off until I reach a point of anxiety attack and panic. I always thought that I would have to live with my anxiety and just to learn to deal with it as it comes but after listening to Joe Dispenza, I realised that I had programmed my mind to remain in a negative state. My body became my unconscious mind as it started to fight with my brain when I wanted to change. I had conditioned my body to react to emotions in a particular way. This talk also gave me pointers into how to take steps into actually changing the way I think.

Key lessons I learned

  1. We can turn on our stress hormones by just thoughts alone. Therefore if our thoughts can make us sick, then surely our thoughts can make us well too.
  2. A lot of us live in the past and our days start by reliving the past.  If our state of being is governed by the way we think, then in essence we are living in the past.
  3. If you are not defined by the vision of the future you are in essence living in the past. Your mind looks back to your past to identify your future. Since your past is defined by your environment, your future then becomes a product of your environment.
  4. The stronger the emotional reaction we have to a situation, the higher we put the focus on the cause. The moment we focus on the cause we then make it into a memory.
  5. Learn to let go of things that happen to you within a few hours. If you allow the emotional reaction to last a few days, it becomes a mood and if you allow if to go for months it becomes your temperament. If you let that emotional reaction go on for years it becomes personality trait.

Learn to teach your body to experience our future before you reach it.

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