Am I jealous person?


I never really seen myself as a jealous person, but recently that changed. I was trying to figure out why I struggle with social media and why being on it makes me feel down. Part of starting The Third Voice Instagram page was to create a positive building environment for me to be able to enjoy social media. I still have my personal Instagram that I am on and off on. I go on it and after a few months in, it starts to affect me in a negative way. I start to just feel sad and unmotivated, so I go on a hiatus to escape. I feel better and start enjoying myself. I go back on social media and the cycle continues.

I realised that the main reason why I struggle is, I feel left behind. I start seeing other people are doing really well despite them being from either the same background as me or same age. I started to ask myself, but why should other people’s success affect me? Shouldn’t it encourage me to also be better and help me learn from them? It’s then that I realised what i was experiencing was jealousy the inability to be happy for other people’s success. Yes there are other factors I don’t like about social media such as the negativity and influences, but that isn’t in my control but my jealousy is. I have never thought of myself as a jealous person, I am always happy for people I personally know and cheer them on. What I didn’t realise is, it’s not about being happy for those you love, even jealous people do that too. Jealousy also applies to those you don’t know personally, or those not part of my inner circle.

I started analysing this discovery more and started working on challenging myself. I wanted to teach myself to be happy for other people’s success, regardless of who they are and whether I think they deserve it or not. I have started changing my brain to start looking at it differently. Through positivity and gratitude rather than comparing it to my personal life. No one has an easy ride, it might look easy to me but we all have different challenges.

There is no such thing as this person is lucky, they only did this and made it. They too, have had to work hard to perfect their craft and eventually they made it. This in itself should motivate and make me happy because I know, I too will find my way.

From now on, instead of hiding away from social media, I want to challenge myself. I want to change the way I think to the point where, I can continually see people living their best lives and be genuinely happy for them.

Have you guys ever felt this way? If so, what has helped you? Do you class yourself as a jealous person?

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