Are ‘Happy People’ annoying?

Happy person

The answer to that is no. Happy people aren’t annoying, if you find them annoying, to put it quite blantly, it is more to do with you than them.

Through my journey of self discovery, I have started to notice how negative I am. I hide my negativity under the label ‘realistic’ to make it sound positive rather than the negative it is. I am quick to bring people back to reality when they day-dream. And I too used to find positive people annoying, but I have come to realise it’s more to do with my own mindset than them.

Sometimes it’s hard to understand how someone could be always happy and positive. It’s almost impossible to imagine given the challenges we have face in our lives. How can someone always have a reason to be smiling and happy even when they are going through a lot? We can’t comprehend it to the point that it seems fake to us. We start to convince ourselves that they are avoiding confronting their problems or just plain ignorant.

It is hard to remain positive in a world that is full of negativity. Everywhere you turn there is just negativity. So if you find someone who is happy and positive hold onto them. Don’t drag them down to see the world in a negative way (which we like to label ‘realistic’), instead rise up to see the world from that viewpoint.

I have learnt to practice the art of positive thinking and I want to help others see life through the eyes of positivity. The world around us is filled with negativity from social media, the news, economy and those around us. We need more happy people to dilute the negativity so we can have a balance again.

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