5 Key lessons from ‘The Alchemist’

The Alchemist

I separate the key lessons, from the book review, because I don’t like to include spoilers in the reviews.  Do not read the below lessons, if you don’t enjoy spoilers.

1. Regret is a powerful emotion
As the boy contemplates whether to continue on his adventure or stay at a place, he is constantly reminded that he will never be content. When you know in your heart you have a dream, and you don’t make effort to try fulfilling it. The dream doesn’t fade away; you just learn to live with the regret. And at some point, you might even end up bitter that you never tried and blame the world around you.

2. Listen to your heart
I had always thought that meditation needed to occur in silence. Whilst reading this book, I started realising that the reason why my mind would not relax is because I wasn’t giving it a chance to explore. Taking time to listen to your heart, no matter how painful it might get, is important for self discovery. However, there is a difference between indulging negative thoughts and listening to your heart. Always be careful not to confuse your heart with the negative flight or fright response your brain might have.

3. Everyone needs a mentor
The boy wouldn’t have learnt some of the key valuable lessons if it wasn’t for the Alchemist. He would have reached the pyramids but he wouldn’t have learnt the fundamental lessons he needed to learn. He might have arrived too late whilst chasing love; or arrived found the treasure but missed to whole point of the journey. Regardless of how intelligent we are, we all need someone guiding us along the way.

4. Follow your heart/dreams
Sometimes our dreams may seem too far away or too hard to reach. This story encourages us to try following them regardless of what might happen. What is the worse that could happen? You might not reach your dream but you will be half way closer to it than when you initially started. The journey will not be easy and there will be a few bumps along the way, but the reward when you get there is priceless.

5. Don’t let Love hold you back
True real love will never stand in the way of your dreams. The person you are with or love would rather see you happy, than be resented. It shouldn’t have to be a choice between love and your dream, they both should coincide. People often say you can’t have it all; the truth is you can, but it won’t be easy. Don’t let love hold you back from your purpose.


  1. Beautiful post. With regard to ‘Regret’ have you read Bronnie Ware’s incredible post on the “The Regrets of the Dying.” You summarise so well what so many of us misunderstand about meditation and mindfulness, it is there for us to bring awareness, kindness and curiousity to the thoughts, emotions, and moods that arise within us, as well as a path to bring us to happiness and peace of mind.


    • Thank you. I haven’t read it actually. I will add it to my reading list and let you know what I think. Any other book recommendations, please share.

      I have just started meditation and I am using it to just do exactly what you mentioned. And to also visualise what i would like my future to feel like. It’s great

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