The Alchemist

The Alchemist

A friend of mine recommended I read The Alchemist, after a conversation about finding  passion and purpose. As a person that struggles with reading motivational style books, I wanted to identify if this was a book I could read and learn anything from. In the end I found that this book covered a lot of areas without having to hammer in the point it is trying to make. Reading this book I learnt about Love, Spirituality, art of Meditation, the power of Observation, Perseverance, Fear, Belief, Purpose and the language of the world.

The story is about a boy who sets out on a quest to find treasure. In his quest, he learns lessons about life and what the real treasure to him is.  It all happens during the course of 2-3 years. The story begins in a slow way and gets more intriguing as new characters join the journey adding their own story and teaching along the way.
The main characters are the boy and the alchemist. Although the alchemist only appears towards the end, he adds a lot of value to the book. He became the character I liked the most due to his view of the world and his method of teaching. The other characters served their purpose, helping the boy understand the language of the world but were quickly overshadowed.

Writing style

The author writing style made it difficult for me to get into the book at the start. Especially, at the beginning of the story. It took me over a 2 week period, when it would have taken me a day or 2 to read an interesting book.Half way into the book I started understanding why people loved the book. I became immersed into the boys journey. It became easier to relate, what I am going through personally, with what the boy is going through. I started to learn lessons, as the boy also learns his lessons. I began to see some of the characters of the book in the people who I know personally. This in itself then got me into the book. I couldn’t bring myself to put it down after that.


I think the writer wanted to tell this story because a lot of people can relate to the characters within the book, they represent what life could be like or the potential if you are willing to pursue your purpose. The book made me feel like I too, would regret not going after my treasure and not fulfilling my dream.

It made me think about the importance of meditation. To listen and look out for signs from the world and your heart. I think it is important to say that the book is worth the read if you are on a self discovery journey. However I would not recommend this book to people who are still in the sceptical mindset. They will struggle to connect with the book. They might understand what the book is saying but they will struggle to connect with it at an emotional level. But for those on a self discovery journey. This is one for the bookshelf.

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  1. Having read your review of “The Power of Positive Thinking” I wanted to dip back into your archives and have a look at another one of your reviews. I really enjoyed this review, and most of all I love your explanation of how it required perseverance and effort to unlock the true value of the book for you. Thank you.


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